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Gondola Shelving Gondola Shelving Gondola Shelving
Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving and wire fencing are an deal fixture for any store. If you would like to discuss store shelving, call us regarding wire shelf fencing divider options and other products.

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Store shelving is an important part of creating a welcoming, easy to navigate environment for customers. If you are a proprietor, you need to focus on investing in shelving that is custom made for your store. We offer personalized gondola shelving and gondola wire fencing solutions. Our products include wire shelf fencing divider options, which are quite popular. If you are interested in ordering convenience store shelving that is designed to fit into your facility, contact us soon. One of our specialists will be glad to teach you about all of the pieces that we have for sale. Though convenience store owners are our primary demographic, we can also help business proprietors outfit other kinds of retail establishments.

Wall Store Shelving

Wall Store Shelving 

Generally placed up against a wall for support. Wall Store Shelving is available in heights as high as 96" and with custom applications can be configured as high as 120" or higher. Wall Store Shelving.

Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving 

A Gondola Section includes a single Basic Upright and a Cap, 2 Base Shelves, 2 Kickplates one for each side, 2 Back Panels and 1 Top, Center, and Lower Spanner. If the Gondola is 78" tall or taller, the section would also include one Splicer Spanner for two piece backs.

Gondola Upper Shelves

Gondola Upper Shelves 

Upper shelves are sold separately and are available in a standard 3' and 4' wide configuration with a 2' wide upper shelf available by special order.

Fencing for Gondola Shelving

Fencing for Gondola Shelving 

Generally used to separate or categorize items or merchandise. We have fencing for gondolas available in heights of 3" and 6". Lengths available for most any upper shelf depth.

4-Way Gondola


The 4 way Gondola is available in many heights and depths and is a widely used island display. It can be placed in high traffic areas of a store to display or merchandise mostly impulse items.

Gondola End Cap

Gondola End Cap 

The typical Gondola End Display consists of a single sided section utilizing a double back configuration.  This is the most cost effective configuration that provides the strengths of a typical gondola shelving system

Gondola Shelving Accessories

Choose from a large selection of popular accessories for Gondola Shelving

Soda Bottle Displays

Chip Displays

Beer Cave

Candy Racks 


Gondola Counter System

Gondola Counter System 

Assembled with well known Gondola Shelving in many sizes and colors.

Gondola Colors

Gondola Colors
Many standard and optional colors available for Gondola Store Shelving. Choose from: Sahara, Chocolate, Gray, White, Black, and more.

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